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  • 10:21:01 am on December 1, 2009 | 9
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    It’s officially December and we took Coraline to meet the big guy for the first time!

    Also first? First words today!

    “dad da”



  • Alex (Lick420) Lichtenhan 12:56 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    That’s awesome Rob. I have that very same pic of my three kids. Of course they are 17, 16 and 15 now.

    BTW liking the new blog space. Looks great on my iPhone.

  • Lynas 1:40 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    You gotta be proud she’s not screaming the place down! Great pic…

  • AlfreMx 7:00 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    Congrats man :) enjoy it.

  • Lee 8:35 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    Great picture. I lucked out with my son the first time with Santa as well. You should change your header to.. fourzerotwo. GAMER. GEEK. DAD.

  • Tyler 10:19 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    ya, i would be screaming right about now if i was that age and was in that position.
    (thought i might post a comment on the site, im the cashier from white castle. still waitin on my 360 to get back, can’t wait to play some mw2, message me back i have a question…)

  • Sarge 11:50 pm on 12/01/2009 | #

    I mean absolutely no disrespect, but I have to say that her head looks Photoshopped! Anyone else?

  • Lady_Saga 2:14 pm on 12/04/2009 | #

    She’s so freakin’ adorable :) Nice photo!

  • Dr@gon 8:39 pm on 12/07/2009 | #

    Now this Sunday maybe you should take her to see the “real big guy” of Christmas.

  • Paul 9:11 am on 12/08/2009 | #

    Nice one. No screaming, how did you manage that?
    My son sat on Santa’s lap and had photo taken for the first time this year, (he is 3 in Feb and already a fan of COD or “army man” as he calls it. Don’t tell my wife LOL)

    We videoed his 1st & 2nd christmas mornings and we watch them back now and laugh. Would highly recommend doing this. Hope you enjoy your first xmas as a parent, makes the whole thing special.

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