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  • 05:28:43 pm on December 22, 2009 | 5

    Enjoying the blizzard that just hit the East Coast, the Fam and I hit the Ice rinks.

    I’m happy to report, no asses were busted.



  • Mike 1:20 am on 12/24/2009 | #

    ur daughter is sooo cute haha

  • Simon Riley 9:18 am on 12/24/2009 | #

    awwww cute

  • PIRATE or NINJA 2:34 pm on 12/24/2009 | #

    WOW she is always soooo happy, your one lucky dad! Merry Christmas, you and the guys at IW have really made so many peoples holiday with MW2, there are already so many people enjoying it now just think of all the kids getting it for XMAS and jumping up and down!!

  • Misko0812 8:25 pm on 12/24/2009 | #

    That’s adorable! Merry Christmas dude!

  • Xiao 6:46 am on 12/25/2009 | #

    The ears are missing on your hoody! Lol.

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