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  • 04:57:17 am on January 2, 2010 | 1
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    Doing some late night reading of Tech Crunch(.com)(@) tonight about various “Best of 2009” tech / geek stuff when I came across a blurb about Kickstarter(.com)(@).

    The quick pitch, it’s a community that helps creative projects find creative funding through creative means.

    It didn’t take long before I found several projects I loved and wanted to become a part of, whether it was a self published comic book, a quirky indie board game, or a documentary of one my all time favorite comic strips; I knew instantly Kickstarter was a original concept that had a lot of potential and I had no doubt while it was included in the “best of 2009” new web startups.

    If only there was something like this back when I worked in music, I had ton of bands who had to do some ungodly things for a new tour van, when this would have been a MUCH better solution.

    Back when I started my first company (at age 14) or when Marc and I started the magazine, a community like this to look to for support would have been amazing. We managed to pull funding from any place we could find it (friends, family, couch cushions), and I think that experience was vital to where we are today, but still; a community of creative minds supporting each other like this is awesome and has so much potential.

    Check it out, you might find inspiration for something you might want to do, or find a project (like the Calvin and Hobbes documentary, that I’m supporting below) to get behind.



  • Misko0812 3:23 pm on 01/02/2010 | #

    I actually have a giant book composed of every Calvin & Hobbes strip published that I bought back when I was in elementary school. Even today it’s within an arms reach from my desk – definitely one of my favorites! I know it’s not much, but I think $1 each for Calvin, Hobbes, and Bill would be well worth the laughs they gave me throughout the years!

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