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  • 08:42:34 pm on January 4, 2010 | 9

    Had a request from a Twitter follower for a version of the 8-bit Cpt. Price Callsign emblem (minus background). So here it is. Figured others may want it as well.



  • TimzZ 8:42 am on 01/05/2010 | #

    Cool.. Nice :)

  • stranger 8:51 am on 01/05/2010 | #

    10x man! This is price-less!

  • brgulker 2:37 pm on 01/05/2010 | #

    Awesome. Thanks!

  • Ivory Wilson II 3:34 pm on 01/05/2010 | #

    yo fourzerotwo, im a fan of MW2 and infinity ward. it would be funny to see a 8-bit version of a capt.price take on a mario bros. scenario. side scrolling ass kickery with a few knife kills and classic price voice over. great work on mw2 i will get that animated prestige 10 symbol. if it kills me.

  • farCRY 11:50 am on 01/07/2010 | #

    Hey 402, did you guys of IW tought about some free DLC content just including new callsigns and emblems? I think it’ll be a awesome idea.

  • Paresh 11:46 am on 01/08/2010 | #

    Thanks for this although there is something else I’ve been after for a long time. The headshot sound (the ding) from CoD4 and MW2.

  • Brandon 7:34 pm on 01/09/2010 | #

    thats awesome, gave me the idea of wanting to put the gasmask emblem on my soon be be new astro a40s, custom tags, could you get a backgroundless gasmask pic same size as cpt price?

  • Paresh 10:11 am on 01/12/2010 | #

    @Brandon Check out this site, it has all the titles and emblems from MW2, you should be able to find the gasmask.

  • Jaek 11:34 am on 01/12/2010 | #

    Funny thing is that I got this emblem today.

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