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  • 03:21:36 am on January 16, 2010 | 1
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    Today was a little like ‘Yearbook Day’ for me at the studio — only replace “yearbook” with “awesome Soap MacTavish canvas print” — as I went around and got autographs from everyone on the Infinity Ward team. Thanks for the MW2 memories guys!

    From bottom to top: Artists, Production, Coders, MP Designers, Animators, FX artists, SP Designers, Scripters, Audio, and Studio Heads.



  • Donovan Jeska 2:27 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Any chance of making that into a mass-produced poster? Or maybe know, putting it on DeviantArt so we can order prints? ‘Cause that’s pretty awesome.

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