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  • 02:14:59 pm on January 19, 2010 | 35
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    We’ve updated the PC version of Modern Warfare 2, including the following fixes:

    – Care Package, Emergency Airdrop, and Sentry Gun marker grenades sprint speed normalized.
    – Sentry Guns: Improved placement detection, preventing cases of Sentry Guns inside geometry.
    – Model 1887: Bling using Akimbo and FMJ combination now has same range and damage as non-Bling Model 1887s.
    – Improved player collision removing cases of getting into geometry and ‘elevators’.
    – Mouse latency tweaks for more mouse movement consistency. (PC-ONLY)
    – Fixes to prevent various texture hacks (PC-ONLY)

    – Fix to prevent various XP hacks, including the prevention of obtaining negative XP.

    These fixes, excluding the ones I’ve labeled as (PC-ONLY), are currently in test for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions as well. Before you ask why there is a delay from PC to consoles, it’s because we can update IW-NET directly and therefore the fastest. The console versions require additional testing through their respective manufacturers.



  • Mav122124 2:26 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Does this patch include a fix for this negative XP hack that sends back to level 1?

    • fourzerotwo 5:15 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

      Yeah – I’ve adjusted the post above to make it more clear that this does in fact prevent XP from going negative.

      • jeff 10:06 am on 01/27/2010 | #

        awsome dude! Just need to get microsoft to start banning.

  • Charles Brown 2:38 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    I really really wish that video games would be left alone, I agree with the glitchs and javalin stuff but come on just because people are complaining about the nice 1887’s being a very nice dominite gun doesnt mean they should be tweak because people are crying gettting killed over them, it ruins the game when a video game has to be balanced because some people cant be a good gamer or shooter like others. just fix the glitches, learn to be a better player and enjoy the very cool difference of one gun to the next gun, look how high of a rank you gotta be to get the 1887’s theres a reason! its a great gun! do you think if a bunch of people complained about a gun not having enough power that a video game company would go and adjust them? no they dont because people have complained about lack of power to the M16 where one person can hit the trigger 1 time and kill but others have to hit the trigger 3 to 4 times! to get a kill, all in all what im hopefully get accomplished as a gamer for many years is that fix glitches not peoples skills at good powered guns Thank you.

    From Cobra2187 Co-founder and Leader of GearHeads on PSN.

  • Trevor Williamson 2:42 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Robert, you made a really great game! It’s nice to see that you are becoming more involved with the community through social networking sites, I follow you on everything. It’s good to hear that you are working on things to make it better…
    DLC Ideas:
    1. There needs to be an inside map, like broadcast on COD4, but the inside looks like highrise buildings.
    2. Make the harrier and helicopter’s harder to shoot down, atleast 2 rockets!
    3. Make FMJ shoot through riot shields, but with half the damage.
    4. Make the nuke more special, show the nuke or something..
    5. Map with civilians in it, 50 points taken away for killing them. 3 in a row and your kicked or sat out for 30 seconds.
    6. Bring back the night vision goggles! It’s hard to see on a couple maps!
    7. We need some maps in the dark, so we can put the thermal to work!

    Some ideas,
    Trevor Williamson

    P.S MW2 is a great game.. Keep it up!

    • jak055 10:55 am on 01/20/2010 | #

      I agree with bringing back the night vision goggles and dark and inside maps. And being able to see the nuke would be pretty cool too.

  • Boost 2:46 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    ahh at last with the care package running :D

  • Ed 3:21 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Is the XP Hack update coming for xbox as well? It’s labeled PC Only in front of that so I’m guessing no?

    • fourzerotwo 5:13 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

      Yes, the XP hack fix is coming to the consoles as well. I adjusted the original post to reflect that more clearly.

  • RAGE FAP 3:35 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    All these fixes make me happy in the pants! :D

  • Rossi128 4:35 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the dlc.

  • Alehandro Fuentez 5:22 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    Great stuff! This game is getting closer and closer to perfection!

  • PakiRican 7:56 pm on 01/19/2010 | #

    The models even without FMJ is still too long range. Thanks for fixing what u can. DLC cant come quick enough.

  • Tango sucka 3:17 am on 01/20/2010 | #

    Really cool :) hate those Care package knifers and fmj akimbo 1887 slingers, can’t wait to have a game without them.

  • Matt3030 7:49 am on 01/20/2010 | #

    Are you fixing the positive Xp hack? Because it looks like your just fixing the negative one. Also, once the positive Xp hack is patched, what is going to happen to all the people that are tenth prestige? Do they just get to keep it or is there a major reset coming?

    • fourzerotwo 3:01 pm on 01/20/2010 | #

      This fixes all XP hacks, negative and positive. However, it only prevents it from happening, it does not change stats of anyone who has had it done or did it themselves. Those who hacked their own stats are at the mercy of Microsoft / Sony on whether they take action against their account or not.

  • Rachel 9:10 am on 01/20/2010 | #

    Glad to see the PC gamers are actually getting some proper support…hopefully these will help up the gaming experience. Thanks. Has IWNET been updated, or are there any plans to do so? Me and friends play in a party, mostly of 4-8 and it almost always kicks us out of game lobbies and only after several attempts do we eventually find a game. Thanks for the great update though.

  • fiveonethree 10:55 am on 01/20/2010 | #

    The care package sprint thing should not get fixed because what you have in your hand is what determins your speed. Like with SMG your mobility is up and with LMG your mobility is down. So technically with a care package grenade you should move faster right? Because it weighs lesthan any gun.

  • dagla 11:36 am on 01/20/2010 | #

    While I wish the changelog was as long as a TF2 updates list, it’s still very nice to see some fixes specifically for the PC, thanks.

  • Erik 2:46 pm on 01/20/2010 | #

    What about giving me emblems for my 1000th kill with rpg and thumper? or the 500th multi kill? I am so disappointed that I didn’t get them. My Twitter is vanvalken. Look at it please I asked you the same question there too.

  • drew 11:05 am on 01/26/2010 | #

    until the patch comes our options for MW2 on concoles are this:
    It seems as though your options are:

    1) Run into games overtaken by people SELLING boosting services
    2) Run into hacked games that can reset your level to 1
    3) Run into games with people spamming constant air support

    So uh, kinda. Yeah, the game is unplayable.

    you need to fix the new care package glitch too. I really wish i didn’t buy this game, i’m so disappointed. would a week or two of beta testing really cut down on your profits?

    • jeff 10:01 am on 01/27/2010 | #

      Yep, the new glitch is a pain in the butt. It makes the game hard to play because of the lag with the mulit air support. So far its just abouit every game.

  • Combo_Knight 3:50 pm on 01/26/2010 | #

    How about a classic mode for multiplayer please? these kill streaks are just over the top. I’d prefer a classic gametype with just the good old 3 5 and 7 perks. it would be sooo much more enjoyable. It’s horrible when I get put into a losing game being harrassed by AC130’s from the get go.

  • DeepEmissions 10:46 am on 01/27/2010 | #

    For the statment about the care package glitch, you also have to think about what is on your back, you’ll run faster with a MP5k to yor back and a pistol as opposed to a LMG and a Stinger, when holding the care package marker. And that’s what the fix is all about, not what your holding, but what your total loadout is.

  • Tyler 12:36 am on 01/28/2010 | #

    I dont think the 1887’s should be fixed. So many people complain about whatever gun you use. So patching the shotgun wont stop the people from complaining about some other gun…

    • Kiners 9:11 am on 02/01/2010 | #

      I totally agree. People always fin something to complain about. On every CoD game, the bad players always complain about the most powerful weapons, on cod4 it was the M16, on cod5 it was the MP40 but you didn’t see those guns getting tweaked. Like one of the previous guys said, they don’t tweak the weaker weapons to make them stronger. The Models were perfect where they were, the truly are a verrrry powerful gun and had crazy range because shotguns back in those days were made for distance, shotguns these days are used for urban situations like clearing out a room and crowd control. They’ve been tweaked so much that even with akimbo they aren’t any stronger or have any more range than the SPAS or M1014. It’s absolutely ridiculos.

  • Charles Brown 1:56 pm on 01/28/2010 | #

    My Response to all is yes fix the glitching its so unfair and non sportsmen like but messing with the guns anymore that will just make it so boring knowing that once you find guns that you like Game Developers are gonna strip them down because other people are upset that there getting killed by them and its not right to ruin a game or peoples hard earned money that bought the game to be ruined by people that complain more about getting killed by a certain gun instead of actually complaining about glitches or something worth fixing. I vote Leave the 1887’s alone this is a game of skill and first person shooter not a game about making it balanced so everyone or every gun can win!

  • Terri 5:27 pm on 01/31/2010 | #

    Get rid of tactical insertion in free for all matches. All it is good for is the folks who can’t play well and want to boost a nuke. Come on with that useless crap. Cheaters suck.

  • Alex Kerr 9:51 pm on 01/31/2010 | #

    Please don’t patch the models again because you have to sacrifise your first perk and there at a high rank

  • R.I.P 1887's 5:35 pm on 02/01/2010 | #

    1887s are the best shootgun… Why patched it ? Now Spas12 are best …Why going at lvl 67 for a shit gun??IW patched it just beacause noob get owned with it..

  • quilty 7:05 pm on 02/01/2010 | #

    Nice to c the update but wanted to know if there’s any plans for some more hardcore games. Thanks

  • Forty 12:23 am on 02/02/2010 | #

    Well thanks for everything you all have done with MW2, but two questions what’s up with the server? It was good when it came out but it feels now it needs some work, and when are we gonna get some fresh maps?

  • Lucky 6:52 am on 02/02/2010 | #

    In Europe we have a lot of freezing PS3 after the 1.08 update. Would you release a fix for it?

  • fiveonethree 12:31 pm on 02/02/2010 | #

    Will there ever be a party chat in team deathmatch. Its stupid to have it in free for all and not in TD, more people get in a party in FFA and boost. I play online with my two brothers, we play TD and only two of us can talk because we have to be in a private chat. Will there be an update or not?????

  • Forty 1:15 pm on 02/02/2010 | #

    Oh ya when the dlc does come out PLEASE more hardcore game modes

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