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  • 11:11:08 pm on January 20, 2010 | 11

    Spent a few hours this week getting my office together. You’ll be surprised how much clutter you’ll accumulate over 2-years of development when the LAST thing on your mind is cleaning.

    The life-size Ghost statue is also finally completed and looking awesome.

    {bonus points if you can name every video game franchise represented}



  • DJ SnowFlake 3:14 am on 01/21/2010 | #

    I mean I can’t see half the stuff on the desk even in the big picture, so Mario, Call of Duty, Fallout, Ghostbusters, and Star Wars. What’s my prize? Can it be that fallout poster because that is awesome.

  • Kevin Doyle 8:12 am on 01/21/2010 | #

    Ghost statues is awesome! I would be afraid it would freak me out too often.

    Represented: Call of Duty, Fallout, Mario, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, Assassins Creed, The Simpsons…thats all I got.

  • BatterOnIT SC 9:00 am on 01/21/2010 | #

    Also got an Assassins Creed figure on there I see.

  • BatterOnIt SC 9:02 am on 01/21/2010 | #

    And a Boomer from GoW?

  • Brad 11:27 am on 01/21/2010 | #

    I see Call of Duty, Fallout 3, Assassin’s Creed, Mario, Yoshi, Star Wars, Lego, Pac Man, Ghostbusters, Scribblenauts… can’t really see the rest. Nice collection. That Ghost statue is so awesome.

    I can haz bonus points?

  • Panteta 3:59 pm on 01/22/2010 | #

    Lol @ the homer Simpson and darth vader :D that is an impressive collection. I’ve only got the Fallout 3 figurine xD

    Ghost does look awesome tho.

  • Jordan 2:17 pm on 01/23/2010 | #

    Is that bobblehead from the Office? I’ve been meaning to pic up a Jim one but keep forgetting to. :)

  • Kanemku 5:31 pm on 01/23/2010 | #

    Got that COD4 & MW2, Mario, Assassin’s Creed, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Simpsons, That thing next to Mario looks like a Bleach character, Fallout, I think there’s Pacman, The lil naked dude looks like Conan

  • Kevin 9:58 pm on 01/27/2010 | #

    I see mw2 mw2 mario yoshi, tails? Fallout3? A yellow ball and a telephone. Can my prize be all of it?

  • Distant 6:38 am on 01/28/2010 | #

    That big Killzone 2 poster looks great signed and all.

  • Finnish Guy 1:12 pm on 01/29/2010 | #

    Haha why is there a “Pelaaja” magazine? I have actually read that number :)

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