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  • Will 6:15 pm on 02/02/2010 | #

    Booster Justice FTW!

  • DeepEmissions 6:25 pm on 02/02/2010 | #

    Thank god, I’m tired of getting requests to join their hashed lobbies and what the helck is the point anyway? It doesn’t help you be a better player, just means you suck so bad you had to Boost to get there!! Just play the game!!!

  • Brasky 10:24 pm on 02/02/2010 | #

    I wasn’t going to play tonight, but after watching some Booster Justice, I feel like it’s time I take a turn.

    If I get a request to help boost, can I join and kill them and not get banned? I mean, I accept the invite, but only to kill them. I hope they don’t track me joining and assume I must be boosting too.

  • FentonAlpha 12:47 am on 02/03/2010 | #

    I’ve been doing this for a while. Spectate first to see where they go and if you really wanna be a jerk follow them from lobby to lobby on XBOX lIVE.

  • george 10:23 am on 02/03/2010 | #

    simple fix make the tatical insertion a perk you get at level 70

    then the people abusing this perk to level up can’t.

    the people that use it for true game play will still have it.

  • g*wizzle 11:45 am on 02/03/2010 | #

    I love these videos, but seriously, IW, you’ve got to step in – why not just remove Tactical Insertion – the only 2 things its good for are boosting and camping

  • MyDarnSnakeLegs 6:04 pm on 02/03/2010 | #

    FentonAlpha, I think you confused the word “jerk” with the word “awesome.” I’ve played with Akimbo Slice a couple of times, and I’m glad that player is as awesome as his tag.

    Dispense that Justice.

  • Donncha 2:27 am on 02/05/2010 | #

    I don’t mind them too much. They might get to higher levels than I will, and do it faster but as another commenter said it doesn’t mean they’re skillful.

    Makes it all the easier to get that “most kills of higher rank” achievement at the end of the game. :)

  • ReddTigger 7:55 am on 02/13/2010 | #

    Thank You. I thought I was the only one for a while. I Have my “CHEATER HUNTER” Class very similar to yours.. But I Use SITREP pro to find those tac insertions. My favorite is to kill em once they’re over 20. I especially love the 24-0 deaths.. DENIED.

  • Daniel Sheets 2:25 am on 02/14/2010 | #

    Dear Mr. Bowling,

    Hi. I’d like to start off with stuff that doesn’t make me sound like a pissed-off fanboy.

    Screw it, it’ll probably sound that way in the end.

    I really believe that both MW games are some of the best story lines I’ve ever played. They’re well executed, thrilling cinematic joyrides that are intense and genuinely fun to play through. I played all of MW2’s story in one sitting. Not because I chose to or set aside the time to, but because the velocity of the story drove me to keep going. Infinity Ward has truly brought a shining example of what gaming should be today in the FPS market, and I would immediately fight anyone to the death that claims Halo is better. The Modern Warfare series makes M$’s little star look like a piss-poor example for a video game.

    Now, this is probably old news for you guys, but boosters are making things silly. At first, I didn’t really care about the care package thing, “noob tubes,” Model 1887’s, or boosters. Now, damn near every single match I’ve tried to join has boosters that just won’t quit. On average, 1 in 10 FFA matches (for me, I’ve counted!) has boosters.

    The XP and title/emblem system is great, in theory. It’s a great way to show how long you’ve been playing, how much you’ve done, where you excel, and so forth… but when all of these achievements can be simply gotten by having your buddy pair up with you behind a bush with a tactical insert, then what’s the point? These people are making that epic prestige concept meaningless. XP now is bunk, and nobody cares what your rank, accuracy, kill to death ratio, or prestige level is because “oh whatever you just boosted.”

    My inexperience in game developing and multiplayer flow, balance, and fairness is definitely that: inexperience. However, it seems that these major issues can be fixed with a single patch, which touches two things: Tactical Inserts and XP.

    First, make the tactical insertion go entirely away. Yes, this would be a tad bit unfair to those who use it as it was intended (was it intended to be cheated with? Seriously, how’d you guys miss that?), but it would be a blessing to all of the FFA world. Removing tactical insertions would greatly help level out nearly every match, save for the few hardcore hackers and glitchers.

    Next… well…

    This is going to sound irrational, radical, and you’re going to dismiss me as a crazy person and try to have me committed immediately.

    —-> Hitting reset on the XP. <—-

    Yes, that's right. Totally reset kill to death, totally reset score and kill ranks. By making everyone start over after all this crazy boosting mess, leveling up would really mean something.

    YES, this would be a major pain in the ass. I'd hate it too, I JUST prestiged a week ago. Yes people who actually got to 10th prestige fairly would weep and cry and be very, very angry with this action. (but seriously, who has had that kind of time to get that high in three months?)

    However, your score rank would have the chance to mean something. The kill to death ratio would be something to be proud of. It would be a true competitive community that would help people grow as players and drive them to be better than other people. Not just cheat their way into a pretty title, but really work for it.

    Maybe you'll ignore me and the rest of the community who hates boosters. But I truly believe that the game is currently broken. Honestly, I'm not going to return it. I'm not going to ask for my money back. Nobody will, and you know it.

    We realize that it's been the holidays, you've all probably been hammered and on vacation since 11/10/09 (because you all deserve to celebrate one of the best games of the decade), and that Haiti was a very horrific and terrible occurrence… but it's been three months. 105 days (I'm pretty sure that's correct, but it's 2:14 A.M.) We've been waiting. We paid $60 (more for the special editions) and we pay the monthly fee for XBL. No matter what the state of the game in the future, I'll probably pay for the map packs and other DLC down the road as well. If you really care about your product, your game and your company's image, and the heart of video games, and you're not a bunch of money-hungry bastards, then you'll do SOMETHING.

    We love your game. We love, however broken it is, your multiplayer formula. Could you *please* carry the two and finish the perfect equation?

    Thanks for listening. I definitely can't wait for your next game. Keep telling stories like that so I can actually enjoy first person shooters.
    -Daniel Sheets

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