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    If you’re an Xbox Live player on Modern Warfare 2, there are some big updates hitting tomorrow (March 30th) in the early morning. Included in those are:

    The Stimulus Package (Downloadable Content)

    The first dlc for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer hits exclusively first on Xbox Live. It’ll be coming to other platforms at a later date as well, but tomorrow morning you’ll be able to download the 5 new maps including Bailout (seen above), Salvage, Storm, and my favorite classic maps Crash and Overgrown.

    Double XP

    Originally planned to do it this weekend, but we’ve decided to throw the Double XP switch early when the new maps hit. So jump online with the new DLC and rank up with double XP, NOW IN ALL PLAYLISTS!

    Ranger maps added to HCHQ

    We’re adding a few maps to the Hardcore Headquarters Pro playlist on Xbox Live, allowing you now play all the Ranger maps in this gametype, something I know a lot of users have been asking for! These maps include Highrise, Invasion, Skidrow, and Terminal.

    Title Update

    Along side the DLC, but something ALL of our users will get, is a title update for Modern Warfare 2. Included in this update is support for the DLC (if you choose to purchase it), as well as some tweaks to the One Man Army perk, some matchmaking updates that will help our international users find more locally hosted games thanks to how ping is now sorted, and various other code updates that will help improve the overall quality of multiplayer on Modern Warfare 2.

    There is no exact time you can expect all this, I’d say early morning when traffic is at its lowest, but by the time you wake up and get online I’m sure it will be available to most of you on March 30th! See you online all this week!



  • PuppyT 3:05 pm on 03/29/2010 | #


  • matthew Fionda 3:06 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Nice about the double XP. Wonder what the OMA tweak is?

  • Anthony 3:06 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    What are the Ranger maps and the changes to One Man Army?

    • fourzerotwo 3:19 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      Highrise, Invasion, Skidrow, and Terminal are the Ranger maps. OMA tweaks just include some balancing.

  • Gregor Suttie 3:06 pm on 03/29/2010 | #


  • i aM DaaN 3:06 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    cool cannot wait !!!!!

  • Grant 3:06 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Looking forward to it.

  • BaLLiN 3:07 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Are there any plans on fixing the hacks like the 5 perk one any time soon?

    • fourzerotwo 3:18 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      Users are being banned by Microsoft, but we plan to address as we can on our side.

  • Ryan G 3:07 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    How long will the double XP last because I can’t play until this weekend and I was looking forward to it.

    • fourzerotwo 3:17 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      Probably for over a week. Definitely through the upcoming weekend, so you’re good.

  • Anthony Ciullo 3:07 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    What about hardcore ffa? Why hasn’t that been patched in yet?

    • fourzerotwo 3:16 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      Isn’t enough demand for it at the moment. It’s been discussed. I think we’d add First Person Team Tactical before Hardcore FFA.

      • BrandynBaker 4:34 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

        I personally would love to see 1st person team tac. I liked team tac on cod4 but im not a fan of 3rd person. And i think if your going to add another hc mode it should be hc ground war richochet.

  • Tito Salgado 3:08 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    i Love the new maps and all but why charge $15 dollars for 3 maps? last COD:MW maps were 800 points and there were 4 maps.

  • Josh 3:08 pm on 03/29/2010 | #


  • zeldabb 3:09 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    great! just can’t wait for this.

    will the MW2 new maps pack be IP-locked? I’m currently outside the States for biz while My gamertag’s region is the U.S.

  • Opie Anthony 3:10 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    too expensive but whatever…..

  • Josh Dale 3:10 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Will be dl’ing :D

  • Eh? 3:11 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    All this stuff coming to PC too? PC?? PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fourzerotwo 3:15 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      The patch stuff the PC already has, but the DLC will be coming to PC in the future, along with the playlist updates.

  • krukraft55 3:11 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Does the tweaks to OMA include fixing the glitch where you can kill using equipment?

  • Daniel Suares 3:11 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    when this will come for PC and PS3?

    • fourzerotwo 3:14 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      No date has been set yet, but once they set one, I’ll post it.

  • MAX360 FreeFlow 3:13 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    This is perfect! All the info I was looking for. I will make sure to let everyone of my readers know @

    I like the fact that it comes out on my birthday too. Trying to get my girlfriend to buy it for my present.

  • Bazil1981 3:13 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    That’s awesome but I’m not happy bloody xbox gets it first

  • Simon 3:13 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    I can’t wait untill all this tomorrow, i have already brought the Microsoft Points for the DLC so i am getting it of course…

  • Kirk 4:33 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    How Much Are The Maps Going TO Be?

  • liam mackle 4:34 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    what time is it for GMT or brittish summer time its all a load of $#!7 i think its 6am im not sure though

  • Xlom 4:36 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    No double xp for the little guys? Only for those willing to pony up cash?

  • thedongtea 4:36 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Will any changes be made to improve the spawn system in the title update?

  • Corey 4:37 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Hopefully this OMA change gets rid of the Riot Shield boosting.

  • Brian 4:37 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

    Are you guys ever going to help out the MLG community like Halo3 ?

    By this i mean MLG playlist.

    • fourzerotwo 4:38 pm on 03/29/2010 | #

      I don’t believe so. No MLG dedicated playlist is planned.

  • Ivory 3:25 pm on 04/06/2010 | #

    Great work!

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