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  • 06:34:10 pm on May 25, 2010 | 20

    See that guy up there? Yeah, that light denim wearin brazen lazer dodging…. painter? Alright, I don’t know why theres a painter’s ladder, but that’s irrelevant!

    The point is, that’s me. Not me today, today I’m older (of course), a bit wiser (debatable), and less bowl-cutty (definitely) – albeit no less geeky than my 8 yr old self.

    Being that today is Geek Pride Day (or so the Twitter’s tell me), I was interested to hear how many of you consider yourself a geek & what kind (comic, games, tech, gadgets), and to take a moment to appreciate the fact that you are one.

    It’s a trait in myself that I’m most proud of, and something I hope to teach to my daughter to embrace in herself.

    So to all of you that unabashedly geek out on your favorite game, movie, comic, WHATEVER and walk around with that undeniable geek confidence in knowing what you like, why you like it, and who gives a shit if others agree. I salute you good people!

    Especially in a day and age like this where it seems so much more popular (and definitely easier) to be cynical and negative. Take pride in the fact that geeks can typically find the positive in anything, and champion it like no other.

    Now excuse me while I continue to geek out over Red Dead Redemption…



  • Stealth Clown 2nd 6:39 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    He looks an awfully lot like a Stealth Clown

  • Cursesxx 6:43 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    Looks like a young STEALTH CLOWN in the making.

  • vladimir 6:45 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    well for geek pride I’m going to continue follow my dream to be a technical computer engineer and wear a geek costume for the day.

  • Craig 6:56 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    Damn Straight!!! Geeks RULE!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m enjoying a nice game of RDR myself

  • Eyesof Rinnegan 7:02 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    Now i wana see you have hair..

  • Sam 7:07 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    Damn, i bet you got all the bitches.

  • jeffro_boy 8:56 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    if it wasn’t for NERDS we wouldn’t have all of this technological equipment…

  • tehseen eats kapinKRuNcH 10:34 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    Well my dreams atleast to me is not is to be a chef. But I am 15 and kindof love my mw2 on ps3. One of the best games made. Other than cod4,the game that got me to become a geek lol.oh yea as I said in twitter. Wheres my token for the new mappack 2

  • Mike 11:22 pm on 05/25/2010 | #

    hmmm, strange, you look a LOT like me when I was that age o.O

  • Feroz Iftikhar (F3ROZ753) 12:50 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    lol GEEK PRIDE

  • AsianPancake 1:18 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    Owhyeaa still the videogame loving freak I am…me too is going to play RDR the whole day XD

  • Tonttunator 6:01 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    The geeks inherit the earth? Well mby :)

  • the FPS KING 6:44 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    Good to see you grew into your ears, kinda. lmao

    • fourzerotwo 12:20 pm on 05/26/2010 | #

      Something that is also debatable.

  • SRElysian 7:47 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    Damnable stealth clowns…

  • thebean888 8:15 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    Wow, I don’t know what’s geekier, the acid wash jeans or the thumb in the acid wash jeans or the fact that I know they are acid was jeans!

    • fourzerotwo 12:20 pm on 05/26/2010 | #

      haha – well played

  • Jay Johnston 9:30 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    Laser background FTW!

  • thebean888 10:19 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    If only you had popped the collar. I was a geek because I thought it was important to study.

  • Misko 10:35 am on 05/26/2010 | #

    I can definitely see the young walrus – er, seal – in you, ha. You must admit that the bowl-cut was a classic… for the 1980’s. As for myself, I fall under the games, tech, and gadgets category of geek (I’ve been deprived of comics). Anyways, hope you enjoyed all of the towels and geeky-ness yesterday!

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