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    Good bye Double XP weekend…..

    HELLO! Double XP week!

    We just flipped the switch to disable Double XP for PS3 and PC, but since the Resurgence Package – containing 5 new locations for Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer – will be hitting Xbox Live on June 3rd (THIS THURSDAY!), we figured we’d keep the 2x rank up goodness happening all the way through next weekend! So if you’re on XboxLive, continue enjoying that double XP all the way up till Monday, June 7th in celebration of the new downloadable content hitting.

    To follow up to the minute updates and details on the launch of the DLC – including playlist updates, be sure to follow @fourzerotwo on Twitter.

    Check out the preview of the new maps here:

    Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Package – Official HD [YouTube]



  • Nick 2:09 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Please don’t shaft the PS3 and give us the same amount of Double XP..


    • fourzerotwo 5:49 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      The PS3 will get an extra Double XP week when the maps release on PSN as well. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t miss out on it.

  • Spidermint 2:10 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    How am I supposed to get any work done this week!! ;0)
    Only downside is the shield boosters are out in force on HC S&D. Damn you richochet, let me kill them ..please!

    • Johnny 4:20 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      All you have to do is run through their bullets while they are shooting the riot shield. It is funny because it makes them suicide.

  • Austin Elmore (Elmore524) 2:18 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    There is no love for Playstation 3/Sony. XBOX Live really isn’t that great! As Chad would say, CHILD PLEEZ! Anyways, its reeally not fair to PLAYSTATION users, who bought the game at the same time as XBOX users, and play it just as much. Infinity Ward is a bunch of greedy people. Except for 402, of course :D You guys talk about giving the fans what they want, but your restricing that. Your giving the XBOX users what they want. Yeah, I know, we get it, but not when they do, and it’s not fair. Go ahead people. Call me a cry baby. It’s whatever.

    • fourzerotwo 5:48 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      It’s a valid complaint. Regretfully those decisions aren’t made by us. We can only make sure the maps, when you do get them, are stellar.

  • Johntheone 2:31 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    I can’t wait! I like how we constantly see the good ol’ L86 here and there in the new maps, sexy gun this!

  • john 2:39 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Why can’t you just freaking patch OMA noobtubes?

    • fourzerotwo 5:47 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      I’ve requested it, however if development resources aren’t available, then they’re not available.

  • joeb360 2:52 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Awesome!! XD

  • MumbleDog 3:09 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Can we expect it to hit PC and PS3 a month after then?

    • fourzerotwo 5:46 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      No date has been set for PC and PS3, but that isn’t a bad expectation.

  • Kristoffer Lygre 3:25 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Yes! Thank you, Infinity Ward! But how am I supposed to finish Red Dead Redemption now? Oh well, maybe next week =)

  • CoDxXpwnxXpat 3:27 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    DUDE WTF IS SO HARD ABOUT RELEASING IT FOR PS3 TOO! At least the next Call of Duty is made by treyarch, at least they arent pieces of crap.

    • fourzerotwo 5:46 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      I work at Infinity Ward, the developer of Modern Warfare 2. We simply develop the game. How it’s released is up to our publisher, Activision. It’s irrelevant who the developer is, these decisions aren’t made at a developer level. Also, it’s rude to call people “pieces of crap” simply because you are misinformed.

      • Matt 8:00 pm on 06/04/2010 | #

        nice answer fourzerotwo.. It’s funny to see people rage when they have no clue what they’re talking about.. keep doing what you’re doing.. great job on all maps so far!!

  • kenm 3:56 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    When does the pack come out for PC?

    • fourzerotwo 5:43 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

      No date announced yet. As soon as it’s known, I’ll message it out for you.

  • Anthony Gracie 4:00 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Now if only I can come up with some Microsoft points I would love these new maps. Thanks, Anthony

  • Archerycat 4:11 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    Can we buy and play the new map pack without the old one?

  • steven 5:50 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    so once again ps3 users get the shaft?

  • uTakeNotes xX 5:51 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    I love you.

  • Adam B 5:57 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    i cannnott freakinn waitt for these new maps, roll on thursday :D
    and fourzerotwo thanks for a done up vacant, it was a number one favourite of mine from MW so am happy its making a return. . .

  • Xx-Twisted-Soul-xX 6:02 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    for the ps3 are you going to try and sort out all these sad hackers to make sure legit prestige 10 users can be well seen!! LIKE ME!!

  • intro305 6:20 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    i have a couple questions do you know about what time the maps will be released also any news on whats going on with the spawn systems they seem to be getting worse every day also if the game is “broke” like everyone says why would it be #1 on live top 10 keep up the good work dude

  • paulsancheezzee 6:21 pm on 06/01/2010 | #

    S-W-E-E-T… Now if I can only find a sitter for my 16 month old son for the next week :D So far we’ve seen some cod4 maps brought back with these 2 packs. Is it somewhat safe to assume that the trend will continue if a 3rd pack releases and we would see yet another old school map brought back?

  • Kyle 7:57 pm on 06/03/2010 | #

    Is Infinity Ward gonna make anymore Call of Duty’s? Couse I think that Call fo Duty’s devolped by Infinity Ward are the best?

  • John 8:25 am on 06/04/2010 | #

    Any plans for a third map pack or will this be the last?

  • PSYCHWARD MD 4:09 pm on 06/04/2010 | #

    Dude you guys have outdone yourselves, Carnival is NUTS!!! The-best-map-ever!!! Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, OH PLEASE RELEASE ANOTHER AND ADD CROSSFIRE!!!

  • Tom Pollok 7:11 pm on 06/04/2010 | #

    Great maps fourzerotwo, I was wondering when will you produce a gun pack, if you would ever produce a gun pack, because alongside new maps we’d also like new guns to try out to make the game EVEN more enjoyable!

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