Zombie Stormtrooper….. ZOMBIE STORMTROOPER!! That was the headline of an email I just got from Entertainment Earth (@) (.com) – one of my favorite toy / collectible sites. In reality, it’s a Death Trooper from the Star Wars: Death Trooper graphic novel, which btw you can get for FREE when you buy that beautiful undead piece of art right up there. It doesn’t ship until November, but when there are only 2,500 pieces being made, your best bet is to pre-order now. I know I did…. because honestly, what desk couldn’t use a Zombie Stromtrooper on top of it?! None. The answer is none. EVERY desk needs a Zombie Stormtrooper on top of it.

http://fzt.me/deathtrooper (Star Wars: Death Trooper Bust)