This past week was spent underway with the USS John C Stennis CVN 74 – a Nimitz class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. The experience was once in a lifetime. Some of the most profound memories were stepping out onto the flight deck for the first time, standing on the bridge with the CO & XO as we got underway from the San Diego Air Naval Station on North Island, watching PT boats armed with .50 cal weapons block the ship from civilian vessels that got within a close range, a .50 cal live fire exercise at night once we hit international waters, and of course the flight ops the next morning when we caught 6 fighter jets and 2 C-2 CODs. The entire experience was amazing and the generosity of the crew and especially the XO was fantastic. These guys do one hell of a job, and getting to learn it first hand, hear their experiences, and simply stand by and watch them in action was awe-inspiring. Below I’ve uploaded 300+ photos from the experience. Enjoy!

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