Vagrant Records is Awesome. If you’re not familiar with them, you should be, because they have been home to some of my all-time favorite bands and continue to pump out quality releases year after year since 1996. Today, they do something else awesome by teaming up to give YOU a chance to win some of that aforementioned quality tunes in addition to win the new Resurgence Package DLC for Modern Warfare 2. Interested? Full details on the prize pack and contest rules here:

Now for me, I have a long history with Vagrant. Like I said, they’re one of my favorite record labels. A love affair that started when I picked up the their Another Year on the Streets compliation featuring Alkaline Trio, The Get Up Kids, No Motive, Face2Face, and others. At the time, Compilations were the cheapest way to discover new music, especially the Vagrant and Fat Wreck comps where you could typically get 20 songs from 20 different bands for under $5! Buying a full-album was rare for me back then, considering $5 was already pushing my teenage budget. So I learned to love a band one song at a time. If I bought multiple compilations and loved multiple songs from the same band, then I’d look towards saving up for that specific bands album. It was a great time full of great music and for that I say – Thanks Vagrant!